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Family-owned since 2003. We believe in quality and integrity. Providing expert Heating and Cooling service to Fenton, MI and beyond. 

24 y/o Bryant A/C Tune Up
Our Service Department making a 24 year old Bryant AC not only look new, but work like new, ensuring that the customers will be comfortable all summer long!

20 y/o A/C Repair and Tune Up

Our Service Department worked on this 20 year old AC system that had some damage. After repairing the coils, a thorough cleaning and straightening out the fan grille (the grille didn’t straighten out perfectly, but much better than before).

The next step was “fine tuning” the system for optimal comfort and maximum efficiency. When this unit was new 2 decades ago, the manufacturer rated its design capacity at 30,000 BTU’s.

Our technician actually got it to achieve 30,933.7 BTU’s!!!

A/C Tune Ups Before & After

Warmer weather always brings on the AC service calls and tuneups. Here are some “Before and After” photos to showcase the quality of our work.

Underground Gas Line

One of our clients needed 40’ of underground gas line run at their vacation home and approached us for the job. We worked out the details and spent the day on the installation. What an incredibly gorgeous sunny day to spend outside with an amazing view of the water. The only thing left is for the utility company to upgrade their gas meter for the proper capacity.


Zoning can be a great thing if it’s engineered and installed properly. If not properly done, it can be a nightmare for the building or homeowner. Fortunately, zone system design and installation is something that we specialize in. Our Service Department worked on this system, cleaned up the existing wiring shortcomings and replaced the main control board that was causing intermittent issues to get this wing of a commercial building back up to maximum comfort levels. This allows all 6 thermostats to control one Roof Top Unit, providing individual temperature settings for all 6 independent suites. 

A/C Upgrade Installation

Beautiful day today to upgrade this customer’s AC unit.

It doesn’t matter if the furnace and coil is in a basement, attic or horizontal crawl space like this one was. Every one of our installations gets the same impeccable attention to detail.

A/C Installation
At Apple Mechanical, we don't just “install it and go." Our technicians have the training, tools and attention to detail to ensure the efficiency and longevity of our customers' investment.

Space Heaters

Need a heater for your residential garage, or a gas-fired heater for your large commercial warehouse?

We install and service those too.

Water Heater Installations

A common question we get asked is, “Do you install Water Heaters?" We absolutely do! Standard Vent, Power Vent, Tankless etc.

Furnace and A/C Installation

Our technicians worked through the cold weather to quickly complete this 2 furnace, 2 A/C project and get the heat back on for these homeowners. The old inefficient equipment is now upgraded to 95% AFUE Gas Furnaces and A/C Systems that will use approximately 35% less electricity compared to the old units.

Water Heater Installation

Proud of our technicians and their thoroughness…

Since water heaters are typically installed in close proximity to most furnaces, our technicians are trained to check them for safe operation. This water heater was leaking from multiple points and the expansion tank was about to “let loose” (evidenced by the bubbling paint with rusty water dripping through). We installed a new water heater with a safety overflow pan, expansion tank and re-plumbed the circulating loop. Disaster diverted!

Before and After Bryant Furnace and A/C Upgrade

Before and after photos of a furnace and AC upgrade.

The new Bryant equipment will provide more comfort, dependability and energy savings.

Before and After Furnace Tuneup

Here’s another great example showing the quality of our “Comprehensive Multipoint Furnace Tuneup." Before and after photos of the blower compartment, and final photo after completion of our service on this 19 year old furnace.

Minisplit Installation

This project was for a customer who recently built an addition on their home. The existing furnace, AC and ductwork wasn’t sufficient to carry the extra demand, so we designed this system according to their needs for comfort, safety and budget. It’s what we call comfort by design.

A/C Upgrade
It was time for an AC upgrade and what better day than a hot, humid day.

Mini-Split & Furnace Installation
Out with the old, in with the new…

This customer made some major comfort and efficiency upgrades. Two new high efficiency HVAC systems with thermostatic zone controls, air cleaners, humidifiers and a


Gas Piping for Generator Install

Our installation crew rocked this project out.

We remedied an existing safety hazard and upgraded the gas line for the entire home. We ran over 35’ of 1.25” gas pipe from the front of the house to the back of the house for a generator.

Sections of the gas line ran over a partially finished basement ceiling, and our guys got it done without removing or damaging any part of the ceiling. They worked hard, had some laughs, and enjoyed cookies provided by the homeowner. The only thing left is for the utility company to upgrade the existing meter to provide the required amount of gas flow, and this project is completed.

A/C & Furnace Upgrade

More comfort, less gas/energy usage and handsome utility rebates for this customer!!! We replaced their old inefficient furnace and AC with the energy friendly Bryant 926 Series Furnace and 126 Series Air Conditioner.

Venting/Intake Correction

Here’s a perfect example of what NOT to do when venting HVAC appliances. This homeowner's furnace and water heater was installed by another heating contractor in our area. Kudos to our Service Technician who discovered and corrected this on our first visit to the home! Attention to details!!!

If “vent/intake terminations” aren’t installed properly, it can cause recirculation back to the furnace. Normally the furnace will operate just fine and the homeowner won't know anything is wrong until the furnace fails prematurely due to a rotted out heat exchanger. Fortunately for this homeowner, the unsightly 42” vertical intake pipe was likely far enough away to avoid any recirculation damage to the furnace. Now it’s vented properly and looks so much nicer than before.

Indoor Air Quality Display

We created a display at our office, showcasing some of our favorite Indoor Air Quality products. This display provides a hands-on opportunity for customers to see the quality of the products and ease of maintenance before making a decision to purchase and have them installed. 

Zone System Reconfiguration

One of our technicians reconfiguring a commercial zone system. 

5 Roof Top Units with 4 of the RTU’s on zone systems for a total of 21 thermostats.

Furnace Installation

Our Installation Department doing what it does! Another quality installation, properly adjusted and dialed in for peak performance. Third party efficiency rating captured this furnace as functioning at 97% AFUE. That means this customer will be receiving utility company rebates of over $500 for this job!

Ductless Mini Split Repair

Our Service Department repairing a ductless mini split. Ductless systems are one of our specialties!!! We got this unit up and running quickly so that the customer had heat again.

Before and After A Furnace Tune Up

Here’s some before and after photos of a recent furnace tune up. Our technicians are highly-trained and take a great deal of pride in their craft. During the tune up, we check every wire and test every component to ensure the furnace is safe and operating to manufacturer specifications. We also clean every wire and component during the process.

Comprehensive Furnace Tune Up

“The difference is in the details." Here are some photos of furnaces that our Service Department recently tuned up. Our technicians CLEAN and check all wiring and test/adjust all components to ensure your furnace is safe and operating at peak efficiency levels as designed by the manufacturer.

Furnace Installation

New 96% AFUE Gas Furnace installed in a “Michigan Basement”…

These folks called us out on a late night emergency no heat service call. Unfortunately the existing furnace needed extensive repairs, so the homeowner decided it was a better investment to replace rather than repair the old furnace.

Furnace and A/C Upgrade

These homeowners wanted to be proactive and replace/upgrade their existing 25 year old furnace and A/C system. We communicated with them about their needs, and engineered a system to meet their criteria for energy efficiency, comfort, reliability and budget.

Commercial Installation

It's all about attention to detail. Here’s a project we engineered and completed. Installation of multiple radiant tube heaters and gas piping in a commercial warehouse complex.


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